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Article 9

Dog Training - How To Potty Train Your Dog

Authored by: Jerry Yap

If your dog is going to live in your house, ensuring that he is adequately potty train is a must. You can start potty train the day you bring your dog home but go easy on the discipline. Dog can be potty train because they are, at their most basic level, den-dwelling animals. That is, they love to sleep in warm and cosy den. Dogs eat, socialize, mate and relieve themselves out of their den. Dogs also love schedules. They fall nicely into a routine. It provides structure, security and seems to give them a sense of understanding their environment.

Your goal is to avoid any unpleasant messy surprises when you leave your dog in the house for an extended period. What you need in this training is patience, a good schedule and a dog box.

The single most important aspect of house training is the schedule. Dogs typically have a bowel movement about 20 to 30 minutes after eating. Plan your day and your training around regular feedings. Lay in an ample supply of good quality dog food along with a bowl of water at appointed time. Always take your dog out soon after eating and drinking and encourage the dog “to do her business” outside her den.

The idea of a den or a crate is that a dog will not soil his own den. That is why dogs are so easy to housebreak. Confine the dog in his crate while you control the supply of food and water to teach the dog that relieving himself is something done only outside.

Taking the dog to the same place each time you go out will make housebreaking easier. The scent from previous outings will encourage the dog to go. Just remember, don’t go too far. While you are housebreaking your dog, take her out to urinate and defecate only. There should be no playtime. You are trying to communicate to the dog that outside is the place for him to relieve himself.

Effective potty training is based on the idea that you have a healthy dog. Some common dog maladies may affect your potty training program. Look out for bladder infections, digestions and consistency of your dog’s stools.

As always, consistency and diligence will be the keys to potty train your dog. 

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